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The ERG Cluj-Napoca staff is qualified and authorized in design and drawing of necessary documentation for assembly and operation of machinery that is used in central heating systems.
Thus, our company designs:


  • Steam (max. flow = 50t/h, max. pression= 100bar, max T = 450°C)
  • Hot water (max. flow = 25Gcal/h max. pression = 6bar, max T = 110°C)
  • Hot water (max. flow = 25Gcal / h max. pression = 25bar, , max T = 180°C)
  • Low pressure steam (max flow = 5t / h max. pression = 0.5 bar, max T = 110°C)
  • Diathermal oil (max. flow = 4Gcal / h, max. pression = 10bar, max T=300oC)

Boilers mentioned above use as fuel:

  • Methane
  • Liquid fuel (diesel, CLU, oil)
  • Solid fuel (coal, wood waste, waste from paper and pulp industry, food industry waste – sunflower shells or corn husks).

Specific machinery for central heating systems, afferent (heat degassed, expanders, preheaters, savers, superheater, distributors, collectors, gas-fired undusters – cyclone or multicyclone type, reservoir water, air or fuel, solid fuel-burning equipment, chimneys , ducts for heating or gas-fired, etc.).

Central heating systems