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Founded in the year 1992, shortly after the liberalization of economic activities, the company S.C. ERG Prest Serv Srl Cluj-Napoca (all private owned company) is a company with an extensive experience and activity in the heat-power field.

The company has facilities and highly qualified personnel, professionalism and experience both in design and execution of projects, projects requested by the client.

ERG Cluj-Napoca is the company that can meet the most demanding applications in both heat-power field as general entrepreneur and as equipment supplier necessary for central heating systems or designer of the systems, of embedded machinery in these systems or in technological lines that are specific to the activity of the client. It is also empowered to perform expertise to determine the bearing capacity and remaining life of these machines.

ERG Cluj-Napoca is also authorized in drawing documentation in order to obtain necessary execution permits and operation of central heating systems in accordance with ISCIR technical requirements of Euronorms and legislation.

The company’s general manager is authorised in RATPI, RADTP, RADTA, according to new prescriptions of ISCIR.